Net Lease Case Study: Family Dollar


If the middle-class investor “saves” money by investing in mutual funds or 401K, then the wealthy and strategic investor “save” money by investing in net lease or triple net lease.


  • How much monthly fixed income will investor receive if he invest $US 713,800?
  • What other benefits when USA-investor invest in net lease?
  • How much risk when USA-investor invest in this net lease, Family Dollars?
  • Would you commit to saving and increasing your asset in next 12 months?
  • Would you commit to learning the Net Lease Strategy you’ve always wanted?
  • Would you commit to preparing both of those aforementioned objectives?

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What are the key data from net lease listing?

  • Who is your tenant?  Family Dollar
  • How much is asking price:  $US 713,800
  • Where is the location:  1060 South Fayette Street, Beckley, West Virginia 25801
  • What is the rate of return on your investment (Cap Rate):  $US 64,599 (Annually)

NNN Case Study

You want to reduce your risk by select strong credit tenant with strong net worth $US 100+ million.  Also, you make sure the Family Dollars will be a guarantee for your lease payment.

NNN Case Study 2

How much monthly fixed income will investor receive if he invests $US 713,800?

The annual return of investment, before mortgage and tax, is $US 64,600.  If you invest all cash in this Family Dollar, you will receive $US 5,383 a month.  Please note your payment is directly from Family Dollar.

Please note this is a passive income (NOT earning income) which is taxed at lower tax rate.  The exact tax rate depends on individual entire financial structure.  Please consult with your Certified Public Accountant.

Your potential passive income is $64,600 X 15 years = $US 968,984

NNN Case Study 3

What other benefits when USA-investor invests in net lease?

Depreciation & Appreciation:  For USA-based investor, you may receive additional benefits such as depreciation and appreciation.

Scalability:  Also, you are NOT involved in daily operations of the Family Dollar neither repair & maintenance.  This means you can invest simultaneously in multiple net lease properties and different locations.  Therefore, your scalability is limitless.  It’s only limit by how much capital you can access.

Re-financeable & Transferable:  You can borrow against it if you need additional cash.  You can structure this net lease be transferred to your foundation or business entity at your death event.

How much risk when USA-investor invest in this net lease, Family Dollars?

  • Political Risk:  Select country wisely; preferable is located anywhere in USA or United Kingdom
  • Mother Nature Risk:  Make sure your property insurance cover these events
  • Tenant Risk:  Make sure your lease is guarantee by Family Dollar


If the middle-class investor “saves” money by investing in mutual funds or 401K, then the wealthy and strategic investor “save” money by investing in net lease or triple net lease.

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Referenced Net Lease Listing:  Case Study_Family Dollar NN

Diagram for illustrating of How using a Triple Net Lease To Create a High Taxable Revenue to a Low Taxable Revenue Legally

DAJK GROUP_How to create non-taxable income for Cash Investor

Typical Scenario:  The Digital Online Business (“DOB”) generates average $US 40 million in last 3 years.  Since this DOB has very little on overhead and management’s expenses, it is most likely DOB’s revenue will be taxed at the highest tax rate.  Its total taxes’ bill most likely is Fifty Percent (50%) or $US 20,000,000.

How can this DOB minimize his taxes’ bill legally and simultaneously increase his asset?

First, the owner of DOB just allocates $US 18 million for investment in the Net Lease or Triple Net Lease commercial real estate (“NNN CRE”).

Step #1:  DOB purchases all cash of the 1st NNN CRE for $US 18 million.

Step #2:  Refinance after 3 to 6 months of closing of the 1st NNN CRE.  The loan amount is approximately 70% Loan-to-value or $US 12,600,000.  Please note this is a debt finance, the DOB would not pay tax on this $US 12.6 million.

Step #3:  DOB purchases all cash of the 2nd NNN CRE for $US 12 million from his debt finance.

Please note DOB can repeat step #2 and #3 again if he wants to.

After approximately 12 months, DOB creates at least 3 favorable and strategic objectives?

  1. Create a passive residual income approximately $US 1.1 million annually
  2. Create an asset’s value is approximately $US 30 million
  3. His total taxes’ bill is reduced at least Fifty (50%) percent to $US 10 million from $US 20 million.

Please note this NNN CRE strategy can work with lower initial investment.  We recommend the minimum is $US 1 million for the time and efforts involving and executing these steps.  There is no maximum amount; however it will be fewer selections of NNN CRE once its purchase price begins from more than $US 100 million.  Therefore, this investor should anticipate a little bit longer.  We would say about 24 months it is more realistic time frame.

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