DAJK GROUP is the place where investors, business owners and entrepreneurs can research and find useful information, insight, resources, advice, guidance and inspiration for acquiring funds for their project, acquisition for their net lease commercial real estate, increasing their assets and running their profitable business.

What We Do: We are oil trader, Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Business Finance & Development and Financial Services & Asset Management.

Our expertise includes:

  1. Petroleum:  Crude oil, d2 and jet fuel
  2. Commercial real estate:  Net lease (Triple net lease) and developer
  3. Bank instrument:  Facilitate the Private Trade Program & monetizing Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Medium Term Note (MTN), International Bill of Exchange (IBOE) and Bonds including the historical sovereign bonds
  4. 100% project financing for selected Green projects in emerging countries
  5. Alternative finance options including grants from U.S Government for selected clients in applicable regions

We do it all: Business Development, General Facilitating and Consultant, Project Management, Due Diligence and Risk Analysis, Building and Prospecting New Clients, Full Contract negotiation, Projects Review and Proposal, Bank Instrument Analysis and Structure the Transactions, Research and Propose an Alternative Financial Solution for Selected Green Projects.

  1. Want to trade Bonny Light Crude Oil, Diesel (D2) or Jet Fuel (JP54) but do not know where to start?
  2. Want to invest in Net Lease Commercial Real Estate but don’t know where to start?
  3. Want to learn more of our Financial & Asset Management products and services but do not know where to start?
  4. Want to learn more of our Business Finance & Development products and services but do not know where to start?

Our group of expert Oil Trader, Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Financial & Asset Management, and Business & Financial Analyst, can help to answer all your questions and to provide you with investment alternative and options catered to your investment strategy.  Sign-up for a free 30-minute confidential consultation with us now!

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Net Lease Commercial Real Estate Investment (NNN CRE)


Net Lease or Triple Net Lease of Commercial Real Estate Investment (NNN CRE)

We specialize in providing in-depth market expertise for net lease commercial real estate investment as well as retailers, landlords, developers and investors.   We offer our clientele a corporate level of service within a boutique platform and provide our highest level of experience to every transaction.

It’s an alternative investment secured by real estate, invest in low risk, reasonable yield and fixed income payout frequently.

Investment Objectives:  Sophisticate and/or accredit Investor wants to invest in a long term, secured by real estate, low risk, reasonable yield and fixed income.

We encourage you reviewing our previous net lease commercial real estate in USA opportunity (“NNN CRE-USA”).  Please note you can review our previous monthly selection of our NNN CRE-USA list once you sign-up.  Please note it is free to sign-up.

Please subscribe for our monthly selection of NNN CRE USA and investment resources.

  1. BIG BUYER of NET LEASE REPORT – March 2015
  2. Top 6 Terms You Should Know Before Investing in net lease commercial real estate
  3. Typical net lease commercial real estate
  4. Net Leased Commercial Real Estate (NNN CRE): Step #2
  5. TOP Net Lease CRE Investment Books – April Selection! **Additional 10% discount!
  6. Net lease or Triple-net Lease is an Alternative Solution for Removing 12 Headaches in Real Estate Rental
  7. In Hong Kong, the “Mosquito Apartments” sells for $US 2,872 per square foot
  8. What is an alternative investment real estate versus vacation home…?
  9. Case Study: Sale-Leaseback Technique of Wendy’s and McDonald
  10. Net Lease Case Study: Family Dollar

The Net Lease Investment Properties (“NNN CRE”) at DAJK Group is focused on providing clients with customized investment strategy services that are property-specific to each individual asset.  In addition to the standard investment strategy practices offered by competing firms, DAJK Group offers a unique investment strategy process which couples personal attention to investors and buyers active in the marketplace.

DAJK Group is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service through the following investment strategy efforts:

  1. Calling all recently active investors to personally discuss each listing
  2. Web-Marketing Mailers to our active Investors

By integrating market research with our investor databases we have the ability to analyze market cycles; as well as we provide our clients with the insightful analysis and due diligence determining the value of their NNN property.

We look forward to hear from you.  Please contact us.


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