Net Lease Investor’s Options and/or Alternatives



Net lease investor’s objective is:

1) his target CAP rate;

2) with high or with the lowest net lease management fee.


There is a San Diego-based Net Lease Management.

“Net Leased Management is a cost-effective administrative and management support solution for net-leased property owners. For a small monthly fee, Net Leased Management provides accounting services, monthly financial reporting, lease administration, property-tax compliance and insurance compliance; handles any landlord obligations; and conducts site visits as needed. We also provide access to a master insurance policy for investors to capitalize on bulk pricing and increased limits.”


[Full article…]


Please note a Higher CAP rate is higher the risk and more involvement with property management.


Is there any alternative without paying fee or paying the lowest to net lease management?


Yes, I highly recommend all our clients/investor to select only a true triple net lease or an absolute NNN lease.

The more fees investor is paying for a third party; his return of investment would be reduced proportionally as well.

In fact, different net lease investor has different investment objectives.  My task is providing all options both pros and cons and both advantages and disadvantages.

Strategically, when the net lease investor combines with his high taxable income with his net lease investment, it would be a greater benefit for him in a long-term investment.

This strategy would accomplish reducing taxable liability: converting his short term to long term gain which in turn will be taxed at the lowest tax bracket, his fixed income from lease revenue is a passive income to an investor.  [Learn more…]

I would inform all my clients about these options and they need to decide how they would like to proceed.

[Learn more…]


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One thought on “Net Lease Investor’s Options and/or Alternatives

  1. Thanks for all the useful information about net lease investing. It’s good to know what the alternatives are as well. As an entrepreneur, this blog post was very useful information for me as I have been researching about net lease investors. I especially like the fact that your task is to provide all options–this keeps people well informed for their decisions.


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