Rent to Own or Lease Option Strategy (“R2O”): Case Study Wall Street Firms


Home Partners of America has received $US 500 million equity investment for R2O.

Home Partners’ Acquisition’s requirements:

  • Suburban location with a strong school system
  • Home price: from $100,000 to $725,000
  • Term: within 5 years
  • Purchase Price: increase annually; a markup 28% from initial list price or 5.6% per annum.
  • Lease: increase annually or 16% from initial lease rate or 3.2% per annum
  • Metropolitan Areas: 15 states, including California, Florida, and Texas.
  • Target Tenant/optionee: middle-class and affluent clients who have steady jobs and an overall financial history.

Other Wall Street FirmsNew York City-based HomeLPC and Premium Point Investments.

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For tenant/optionee, they are paying a premium over renting and buying a typical home.  These homes are in better neighborhoods with better school districts than most single family rental properties.

Alternative for saving more money:  Tenant/Optionee can seek for:

  • For sale by owner with cosmetic fixer property.
  • Negotiate a fixed lease and lock in the purchase price within 5 years.
  • For sale from HUD home

For small operator/beginner in rental investor:  Emulate Home Partner’s acquisition requirements.  You can begin with one property at the average home price in your area.

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One thought on “Rent to Own or Lease Option Strategy (“R2O”): Case Study Wall Street Firms

  1. R2O sounds like a very interesting option for investors and tenants. The houses sounds like they are ideal being in good neighborhoods near good schools. It will be interesting to see how many people start choosing the R2O option. I for one will be doing some more research into this.


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