7 Reasons WHY GenX choose Remain Renters…Alternative?

Homeowner 4

First, it is easy for GenX to budget for rent each month.  They would not face with any surprised up-keeping cost such repairing a washer machine or air conditioner.  Forty-one percent of Generation X decides to rent instead of buying house to build its equity.  Gallup poll also found the percentage of people own home has dropped to 61%, which is the lowest figure in more than a decade.

Second, some GenX and Millennials face with heavy debt from their undergraduate degrees coupling with soft job market.  This is also a reason deferring homeownership.

Third, the prices of house have increased more than income levels in last two years.

Fourth, GenX refers a mobility rather than a long term commitment on the homeownership.

Fifth, the homeowner could lose their equity on the house based on a last recession.  The house prices have dropped more than 50% in many areas.  This fact scared many people.

Sixth, when Gen-ers ready to purchase a house, there is a lack of affordable housing in numerous cities and neighborhoods.  In fact, smaller quantity of moderate price ranges for new houses is also a restraining.

Seventh, the prices of homes are predicted to continue increasing.  Buyer would not want to buy at the highest price.

LeaseOption 2

Alternatively, GenX can explore a lease option to purchase or Rent-to-Own.  This purchase strategy would:

  1. Provide fixed costs while they live in a single-family home
  2. Provide a mobility option if they would not exercise their purchase option
  3. Lock-in a future price when they exercise their option

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