Currency Exchange update 5/6/15

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The USD is down sharply against both the major and emerging market currencies. There is a very strong correlation between the direction of German 10-year interest rates and euro over the past weeks; European currencies are all higher led by Norway which has been helped by the surging oil prices. Emerging market currencies are higher also helped by stronger commodity prices and somewhat better global equities. Colombia is the top performer today up by 1.38% with only India slightly weaker on the session.

If we can help you with any Foreign Exchange needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note a minimum per transaction is $US 100,000

Our Payroll Service is bonded $US 100 million and registered with Internal Revenue Service.  If we can help you with any Payroll needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Payroll Service

Our net lease commercial real estate investment is also available for investors who are seeking for an alternative investment secured by real estate, low risk, reasonable yield and provide fixed monthly income.

Real Estate Lenders nationwide…? (residential & commercial)

Investors or Borrowers have challenging credit issue…?  Our private real estate lender network may provide funds for your project.  If you have a good credit score, our relationship with Wells Fargo bank may provide funds for your project.  Please contact us with your inquiry information.

Real Estate Lender

DAJK GROUP is the place where investors, business owners and entrepreneurs can research and find useful information, insight, resources, advice, guidance and inspiration for acquiring funds for their project, acquisition for their net lease commercial real estate, increasing their assets and running their profitable business.

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