Saving of Currency exchange for import & export business owner…?

For import & export business owners, we will analyse based on you last 12 month invoices whether or not your business could have saved through our currency exchange provider.  This analyst and review are free if our currency exchange provider cannot save you any money.  Minimum invoice per month is $US 100,000 and no maximum.  Please contact us.

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The USD has stabilized after yesterday’s violent reaction to the Federal Open Market Committee (“FOMC”)’s news. Many currencies have returned to near the levels prior to the FOMC announcement but overall the USD is still slightly weaker. Greek headlines concerning debt repayments have caused the EUR to be pressured again as it is down the most of the major currencies. Emerging markets are mixed again as Asian currencies are better bid while Eastern European and Latin American currencies are weaker.


If we can help you with any Foreign Exchange needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note our referral program $US 1000 award is also applied when your referred client(s) closed the first currency exchange with us.  You can register your client with us so that we can compensate you accordingly.

Mr. Daniel Nguyen

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Rosemead, California 91770
Los Angeles – USA
Skype:  daniel58644

Tel:  +562.301.7231 T

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